Friday, August 21, 2009

1st Day of High School

The 1st Day of High School.......everybody's
I liked it, but our school decided to do the "Freshman Academy"
I don't really like it.....they want us to stay away from the seniors, sophmores, and juniors.... they think it will lessen the chance of them picking on us and shoving us into lockers...
That is so 5 years ago......maybe even longer. lol
But i must admit I am going to love high school and as time goes on i will love it!!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Vacation

The Reflecting Pool by the Lincoln Memorial.

The Jefferson Memorial
The White House

The Capitol

Our summer vacation was very fun and exciting. We saw many differnet things that most kids our age don't get to see. We visited new states that we had never been (I am up to 37!), saw many differnet attractions, and evn saw some different kinds of people.
Our first stop was Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. When we first got into town we stopped at Pirmanti Brothers our favorite place to eat in Pitt. Then we went to the Duquesne Inlcine and rode up to the top and took a tour of how it runs. It was pretty cool. Then, since it had been a long day traveling, we went to the hotel and swam for abut an hour then just layed around and watched tv.
The next day we went to Kennywood. There was so much differnet rides. I have been to a lot of amusment parks and festivals and this place had some super duper rides! We went on two water rides and got totally soaked (we saved the water rides for last so we didn't have to be wet all day and feel uncomfortable. Kennywood is much much better than Six Flags. They have a bigger park and better rides.
On Wednesday we left early and drove to Gettysburg. We were planning on it being about a 2 hour ride to Gettysburg from Pitt but it ended up being 4 hours so when we got to Gettysburg we had to hurry to finish the self guided tour so we could still get to Washington D.C.
Gettysburg was fun. I am not a big history person so it wasn't my favorite part of the trip but it was quite fun. We ended up getting to getting stuck in rush hour and we didn't get into town until after it was pretty much dark. We got to "our" hotel and waited in line forever to then figure out we had the wrong Holiday Inn. So we found our way the right one. Once we got there we were all exhausted and we went to sleep after eating our complimentary cake that they left us for having so much trouble checking in. We got to go look at the pool on the roof but didn't get to swim that night becuase the pool closed at 10 and it was past 10., but we swam every night we were there for about 2 hours each time,
While in Washinton D.C. we went to 4 of the smithsonian's, saw Alan Bean (famous for going into space)(he stayed at our hotel also)went to the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial, saw the Capital and White House, went up in the Washington Monument, Visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and went and saw the Bill of Rights, Constitution, Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Inpendence, and the Magna Carta.
It was a very fun and exciting experience. I wish we could have stayed longer but we had to get home to see our puppy who we missed A LOT!
After about a week we got back we went to St. Louis and saw the Jonas Brother concert! IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN!! I WAN'T AT ALL EXCITED ABOUT IT BEFORE BUT AM SO GLAD I WENT!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET IT! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!
This picture is of the Night at the Musuem 2 loot. It was used in the actual movie.

This is the actual American Idol desk from the 1st season!

This is the inside of one of the three floors of the Air and Space musuem in Washington D.C.

Saturday, June 13, 2009 has been a long time

Mallory Here. I "graduated" from 8th grade and the majority of the pictures are taken at the awards ceremony.
My grandparents and I. Thnak you for everything you do for me. Transporting every which way and being who you are. Love you
My other grandparents and . Thank you. Thank you for everything. All the places we went together and still go together and all the effort you put into my needs and wants placed. Thank you. Love you

My dad and I. I am very very very glad that you adopted me. It means the world to me that somebody would want me as a daughter, finally. Thank you. For everything. When I say I want something it always appears. I know that i can be really really mean to you sometimes. But right now as i am writing this i don't even understand why. There isnt a single reason to be mad at you. You do everything for me. Thank You so much. Love you

My mom and I. Where do I start. You mean the world to me. I couldn't ask for a better mom. I may think that you are the meanest parents in the world, but relaly I don't have it that hard and i know that you guys just want the best for me. Look at this picture good and hard. We really do look alike. And i know that i used to say, " Give me a break," or something along those lines but i am happy i look like you. So everybody who says I am a good kid can say oh I bet that's her mom! I love you so much. Thank you for everything you have done to make my life what it is today.

The new addition to the family! Sophie. A maltishoun. a maltese bischoun. Today she went to the vet and she weighed 7.4 pounds. She is getting bigger every day. We really have bonded. My mom says that while I am gone she will sit outside my bedroom door and just kind of look around inside and look dazed and confused. I really really do miss her when I am gone. She can be a pain but after that she is always ready to cuddle up and gives you kisses. I am so glad that we got her. I couldn't ask for a better dog. She is very well trained. She is 7 months old and knows just about everything a dog needs to know. I love her so much!
Well that is it.
EVerybody have a fun week(Stemaboat days for me)
(3 DOORS DOWN!!!!!!)
Happy Father's Day to all the dad's and granddad's

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nauvoo Pumpkin Parade

A wonderful (yet again) picture of Mallory smiling.

A pumpkin with a wolf. It is wonderful ! Must have taken a long time!

Mallory thinking very hard

A wonderful picture of Mallory from the back. You can tell the sun is setting in the background.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chiefs homecoming!

Chiefs vs. Hounds
(Keokuk vs. Fort Madison)
Homecoming of 08-09
Emma and I went by ourselves. Greg worked the game, so we were sorta watched. We had a blast. Moved around a lot. A lot of the people, i guess mostly middle and high schoolers, don't really pay attetntion to the game, but I did sorta. I knew when they got touchdowns. That's the main thing right? We shared a funnel cake and had both a rootbeer, then Emma found herslef acting like a middle schooler. SHe was chatting it up with all kinds of people. It was cute!
Emma wore a pair of jeans, beads,her fingernails and toenails painted purple and white, a purple sweatshirt, and one of my shirts under it. When we got to the game one of the girls put the heavy black lines under our eyes.
I wore a pair of jeans, my chiefs sweatshirt and shirt, 5 beads, the heavy lines under my eyes, purple flip-flops, a chiefs bow in my hair, and ourple and white fingernails and toenails.
We didn't any pictures though. After the game we had to wait for Greg and for everybody to get out of the stadium so we went around and got all the pepsi caps we could find. (Papa be expecting 3 bags full)
Overall the night was a blast and the final score of the chiefs homecoming was





Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Day of Fun!

Going to Kathy's Pumpkin Patch was a very fun event! We bought a lot of things to design the front of our house. My mom bought this stuff. She also masde this display which I think is wonderful!
This is my pumpkin that I picked in the pumpkin patch. It is 15.8 pounds! Bigger!
We bought this plant at Walmart and the scarecrow at Kathy's Pumpkin Patch! It is beautiful!
This is what our front steps look like! They are beautiful yet again!

Emma and I did a bag race and I won! It was good!
Here is my mom going down the "slide."
Cool picture of Emma and I! Greg was standing beneath us and we were on a hale bay above him.
Us in the head things. You stick your head through and you turn into something else!
I covered Emma completely in corn. She had in her shirt, pants, and socks! I was a funny experience!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

River Fun

I just love this picture. I took it with greg's big camera and it just shows so much detail of the rock(s).
This picture, greg took it of course, is me at a weird but cool angle laying down on the dock watching the barge come down the river toward the dam.
Me, showing that I having a good time.
Greg. Are you suprised? I think you were. Or are you posing? who knows?
PLEASE DON"T JUMP IN! PLEASE PLEASE! Greg and I both took our pictures like this looking like we are ready to jump in.

A few weeks ago Greg asked me if I wanted to go down by the river and take some pictures. Of course I said sure. We had a lot of fun. We were gone for about an hour or so. Here are some of the pictures.